has finished various Housing, Infrastructure, Road, Construction and Landscape projects and delivered them to its contractors on time in full by making production in compliance with its project without sacrificing technical or quality since 2005.
Both the works with high turnovers and to become experienced in Infrastructure – Road – Tunnel and Artwork Projects and the works that it is engaged in as Contractor in Structural and Herbal Landscape Projects of various municipalities have been presented with pleasure and appreciation.services1

YDK CONSTRUCTION has started to evaluate the success and the successful acceleration it has achieved with the work it has done so far in the housing projects since 2005.
As of today, our company has work completion of about 9.600.000 USD in contract works that it engaged in between 2005 and 2015.


To bring a new approach to housing sector with our knowledge, experience and vision,
To implement a system where every step of the houses to be constructed can be followed by consumers,

To let you get rid of the concerns about security and durability issues with a technological infrastructure that you will be able to follow all the manufacturing steps of the house that you will purchase,

To continue production with interior designs that are determined by your lifestyle and preferences by offering all of our houses to you in alternative designs,

To conduce to that you spend peaceful days with your loved ones in your houses, which are equipped with developing technological and ecological products,
are our indispensable goals.


To build houses that respect humanity and nature,
To show the necessary sensitivity to operators’ health and work safety issues,
To finish projects that are undertaken on time and deliver in full by giving utmost care to work schedule and technical specifications,
To increase the quality of life and prosperity of individuals,
To sign to designs that make life easier by closely following and applying the latest developments in architecture and technology,
To create always accurate and reliable investment opportunities for investors,
To achieve unconditional customer satisfaction at every stage of service.

continues to its way with technical infrastructure, knowledge, objectives and principles with the claim of building

which are long-awaited.