About Us



YDK Construction

YDK Construction, founded in 2005, has completed and delivered Building Constructions, Infrastructure and Road Contracting Works, Landscaping Works for Private and Public Institutions and more without compromise in quality and technical prowess, on time and without refusal. YDK Construction has succesfully completed the Works of Vegetal Landscape Works for Municipalities and Private Institutions, the special projects of the Ministry of Transport including Infrastructure – Road – Tunnel and Engineering Structures achieving high turnovers and sizable experience, as well as almost $ 10.000.000 worth of Class-A work completion. YDK Construction has been utilizing this momentum and previous success in the field of Housing Projects since 2015.

Our Goals

To bring a new understanding to the housing sector with our knowledge, experience and vision,

To implement a system in which every stage of production can be followed along by the consumers,

To save customers from worrying about safety and durability with a technological infrastructure where they can monitor all the manufacturing process of the house they will buy,

To implement a system in which every stage of production can be followed along by the consumers,

To continue production with interior designs determined according to the customer’s lifestyle and preferences, by presenting our residences to them with several alternate designs,

To be helpful in giving our customers homes where they can spend peaceful days with their loved ones, in a residence equipped with developing technological and ecological products.

Our Principles

To produce houses which are respectful to people and nature alike,

To Show the necessary sensitivity to prevent occupational health and safety issues, 

To complete the undertaken projects thoroughly and on time, by paying the utmost attention to our work program and technical specifications.

To increase the quality of life and well-being of people 

To create designs that make life easier by closely following and applying the latest developments in architecture and engineering.

To always create accurate and reliable investment opportunities for investors,

To reach unconditional customer satisfaction at every stafe of our service.