Housing Projects

YDK CONSTRUCTION has finalized House Construction feasibility studies that it initiated in 2015 and begun to bring a new approach to the housing sector with its knowledge and experience.

Interior Architecture

First of all, he/she likes the ‘DESIGN’ of the thing to be bought and associates it with himself/herself then makes a show of it, enjoys that image which he/she has. .


YDK CONSTRUCTION carried out and completed various structural and herbal Environment-Landscaping works in Turkey together with our solution partner companies Eksen Landscaping and Sedef Landscaping between 2005 and 2015

Infrastructure Road

Since it is also one of the partners of Tales Ltd. Şti, which is the founder of YDK CONSTRUCTION and one of the reputable organizations in the industry, it worked as a subcontractor in all works belonging to General Directorate of Highways in which the relevant company is the contractor.

Why we do it

Constructed can be followed by consumers. We let you get rid of the concerns about security and durability issues with a technological infrastructure that you will be able to follow all the manufacturing steps of the house that you will purchase.

All of our houses will continue with interior designs that are determined by your lifestyle and preferences by being offered to you in alternative designs.

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